As you all know, we have
decided to dedicate a portion of our blog to the
ever-so-popular #WCW trend. So, as I begin to feature my own edition of #WCW’s – I want to focus on
highlighting a particular breed of women. Up and coming women. Women striving for success. Women who are business owners. Women trying
to market, and positively brand themselves. Women who want to change
the world. Women willing to think outside of the box. Women who are
intelligent. Women who are uniquely beautiful – both inside and out. I think that it is
so important to actually uplift one another, especially in a world where tearing one another down, is so common. Real, substantial women are becoming  a rarity these days, so when we do come across these seldom women – credit should be given where credit is due.

So without further ado, I introduce my #WCW of the week:amare


Alexandria Mitchell

My first encounter with Alex was through a mutual friend. Upon meeting her, I immediately recognized her from social media and knew that she was a business owner, much like myself. My initial conversation with her was both organic and genuine.
I fell right in love with her personality – she was so refreshing & so “Bull City”
– and I loved every moment of it. After getting to know her a little better through random conversation, I decided that I would be more than willing to be supportive of her movement, and even purchase some of her items.

So who is Alexandria?

 Alex is a 20 year old
Durham, NC native – (born and raised). She is both the face and owner behind: A’mare, by Janelle Cosmetics 💋 . The name  A’mare was derived from the Italian verb: love –which Alex states represents everything underneath her line. Her brand A’mare was just recently launched
last April (2015) – featuring a wide variety of lipsticks, lip paints, lacquers, and glosses. (Often referring to herself as the #lipstickplugg) – Alex is currently working hard to expand her brand into a full cosmetics line. You can get a sneak peek of what she already  has in store – at her newly opened salon/beauty bar that she shares with her sister: “Candy Curls” . Their grand opening was just this past March (2016). In addition to that, Alex is also looking into opening her own boutique come this Fall (2016).

As you can see, this young lady has been working! Alex’s passion for her business is exactly
why I chose her as my #WCW. She is a true representation of hard work and the true definition of being a #girlboss. Check out her website here – to stay updated on what else this young lady has up her sleeve  – and be sure to take a look at her amazing products!



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