Anybody who has any form of social media is more than likely familiar with the token phrase or hashtag “#WCW” (Women/Woman Crush Wednesday). This hashtag took off on sites like Twitter and Instagram alike, where guys (& sometimes girls) would show their appreciation for a “woman” of their choosing and refer to them as their crush of the week. Living in an era where “instagram models” and “video vixens” are so popularly glorified – these are normally the types of women you see featured as #WCW’s. Curvy, busty, half-dressed women. No shade here though, I love the eye candy myself from time to time. But, can we recognize some women who are soul food & not just eye candy for once ?

My #WCW this week is the fabulous Alex Elle. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with this woman, okaaaay ? So multi-faceted, wholesome, and flourished. She embodies everything I aspire to be as a woman. A mother, a woman with a testimony, & a self-made-entrepreneur. Many of you may recognize her from your twitter timeline where she drops quotable gems that are worthy of thousands of retweets.  Such as:

be you. love you. all ways, always. -alex elle


Or you may be familiar with a few of her books – as she is a published author. I can relate to this woman in so many different ways. She too, is a blogger, plant-powered scientist, and vegan/gluten-free foodie. If you are in need of daily inspiration, hope, and/or tips on self-love I encourage you to take a look at some of her work. I promise you, you will gain a different insight on things.

Twitter: @alexelle

Snapchat: alexellesnaps

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alex_elle/?hl=en

Shop: http://www.shopthebalm.co/


follow her blog  here where she shares intimate insights on her journeys throughout life, and be sure to check out any upcoming events or self-care sessions she may be having in a city near you!

check out this link to see what some of her published writings are all about.

#thankmelater 🙂








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