Massage: 101

As we begin our blog we both want to individually introduce the basics of what it is we do and how it pertains to our readers. We covered Skin: 101. Now class is in session for:

(Massage: 101)

Take notes!


From the moment you wake up, your body is hit with forces that are out of your control. What you may not know is that the body is affected in numerous ways even down to the way we chew our food.

*Pause for Random Facts*

Did you know a toothache can affect the way you walk? Toothaches can cause you to clinch your teeth and hold your mouth in a way that isn’t recognizable to the body’s normal structure and build. In result, abnormal changes occur in your posture which inevitably change the way you walk.

Did you know handbags and high heels can cause headaches? Yea, you heard it right. Those stripper heels you wore out to the club the night before can have a terrible effect on your spine. They create an artificial alignment that can result in terrible migraines or headaches. And that 5 lb. tote you may be carrying? It is weighing your shoulders down and whacking your body all out of balance.This too can cause headaches and muscle pains.



The point is: every single thing in your body is connected.  The purpose of massage therapy is to make sure your body is totally aligned. Not just physically; but mentally and spiritually as well.   Most people associate massages with pampering and this idea of a “luxurious experience”.  As relaxing as they are, so little of us are aware of the medical benefits that stem from massage therapy. Your body is your temple. Each and every one of us is made so uniquely different, but oddly enough we are all wired the same. With that being said, it is recommended that the average person receive a full-body massage once every 4 months.


How it works:

Massage is broken down to into 3 different aspects.

Mechanical, Physical, and Psychological. 

Mechanical affects:: refer to the manipulation of muscle, tissues, fibers and blood circulation in our bodies.  Muscle tension builds up over time throughout the body causing harm to the body’s original structure.  Massage techniques are used to break up those points of tension and align the body in the state of which it is supposed to be. Massage also helps to aid in detoxifying the body and releasing toxins.


Physical effects:: Massage therapy physically helps  to improve blood pressure, hormone regulation, and blood flow throughout the body. These things combined can help achieve a healthier looking skin tone and body build.


Psychological effects:: Massage therapy has been known to help with decreasing anxiety, depression, and stress.  It promotes well-being and connection to your body. It has also been known to help with hyperactive disorders and can help in assisting with treating abuse victims.(with special training).  Most massage techniques are targeted to decrease cortical levels (“the stress hormone”) leaving you essentially feeling less stressed and happy.


At the end of the day my goal is to increase your knowledge and expand your thinking of what it means to be at one with your body. You have to think outside of the box a little and understand that traditional methods aren’t always the answer, when we ourselves – possess the keys to naturally change our bodies.





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