Skin: 101


Let’s talk skin. The basics…

I find that most of my clients or people I consult with have no earthly idea of what proper skincare maintenance consists of. But its okay, once upon a time I didn’t either. That’s what I’m here for :). So let’s start with talking skin types. (*majorrrrrr key*)

Why?: being able to indicate your skin type is imperative for a number of reasons. From choosing the proper skincare routine, the proper treatment/s, and even proper make-up products.

Typically skin types are categorized into 3-4 types. Each different type is influenced by a number of factors (stress, environment, diet, medications, etc.) but essentially it boils down to the amount of sebum (oil) your skin tends to produce.

  • Normal Skin – this skin type is least problematic. pores are not very visible. there is no excessive oiliness or dryness. blemishes/pimples rarely occur. skin appears to have an overall even texture and tone. unfortunately, this skin is also the rarest type there is. if you only find that you get break-outs when exposed to unfamiliar products (or when it’s near that time of the month) then this is more than likely your skin type. you will also probably find that although your skin isn’t typically problematic, you are quick to have sensitive tendencies (easily irritated/inflammation occurs easily) with that being said; your skin maybe as close to flawless as flawless can get, but it still requires the proper maintenance: Tips for normal skin : stick to a cleanser with the least amount of salicylic acid (this can easily dry out your already easily irritated skin) a foaming cleanser usually is best. follow up with a gentle exfoliator 1x daily. (this eliminates the possibility of any excess dryness occurring) preferably a liquid exfoliant. stick to a gentle toner. you may find that most astringents are too harsh on your skin and leave you feeling dry, this DOES NOT mean skip the toning process. it is imperative!! (we will discuss why later) instead consider a toner with calming properties such as tea tree, rose, or lavender. lastly be sure to moisturize your skin! a gentle mask is best for this skin type. something simple like an oatmeal honey mask. just enough to rejuvenate and refresh the skin while still keeping its natural glow.
  • Oily Skin- woe is me! may the skin gawds be with us on this one. if you suffer from oily skin, you know like i do that it can be quite the little pest. oily skin types work overtime to produce oil, resulting in a build-up of oil, which in return leads to breakouts. if you tend to carry oil absorbing wipes around in your clutch, this is you boo. Tips for oily skin: in this instance you want a cleanser with salicylic acid, it will help to absorb some of the excess oiliness. you can also go harsher with your exfoliant, so a mechanical exfoliant will do (micro-beads, scrubs etc.) tone as normal. be careful with your moisturizer, keep your moisturizer lightweight, it can contain salicylic acid as well. the key to this skin type is making sure to tackle the excess oil and NOT the natural oils that are essential to your skin. play around with your routine until you find that perfect balance. clay/mud masks are specifically made for oily skin types, they remove just the right amount of oil and impurities from your pores.
  • Dry Skin – dry skin typically consists of those pesky patches of flaky or red skin. the texture is dry to the touch and the skin typically feels taut, especially after cleansing. you may even find that you have “oily skin” in the spring/summer time and more of a “dry skin” type in the winter. this is normal. Tips for dry skin: stating the obvious, you would want to up your water intake. water, water, water! as far as your daily skincare routine is concerned: stick to a creme cleanser (this will help put some moisture back into the skin) although exfoliating tends to leave us all with a dry feeling, those with dry skin will still need to include this step. for you it will slough off that already dead (flaky) skin that is lying on the surface. tone as normal. moisturize as normal. coconut oil will work wonders! try a honey and milk or avocado and banana mask for this skin type to really help replenish that lack of moisture.
  • Combination Skin – is the most common skin type there is. self-explanatory. it is a combination of any of the two above types. typically oiliness will be found in the T-zone (forehead, cheeks, chin) and normal-dry patches can be found outside of that area. the key to this skin type is using a targeted treatment method. for example: use a mud mask to tackle the oiliness, BUT only apply it to the oily areas. be careful when selecting your cleanser and other facial products be sure to indicate that the product label reads: for combination skin.

follow my pinterest board titled: “esti”  for more skincare tricks and tips and be sure to stay tuned for more blog posts about proper skincare routines, recipes, and products. feel free to connect if have any questions that you think i maybe able to answer 🙂




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