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All set and ready to go.. with NYX Matte Finish.

I have to say I’ve tried a few different makeup setting products and sprays but there is one that is my ultimate go to, that I can’t fault. I mean, when I put my makeup on the beginning of the day I do not want to be reapply or “topping up” at any stage unless its lippy. Your make up should last and if it doesn’t, it should be removed and reapplied that way in my opinion. Going over foundation and powder with MORE foundation and powder really can just leave your makeup looking too heavy. Even if you don’t realise at the time.

A good setting spray that holds and keeps throughout the day or a night out, is surely something every girl wants right? I have to say my favourite is NYX - MATTE Finish. I spray this baby every time I apply a full face of makeup and 99% of the time it doesn’t fail me. Me, I love a Matte look and while this does the job it defiantly doesn’t leave me looking dry or flat. It assists in the blend of my make up and give me a nice even tone once its all set. I'll say I get a full 8-hour fix from this product and you will not catch me in the bathroom at work topping up my make up during a hectic day visiting clients.

NYX Matt finish comes in a small black bottle, cute and compact so easy to carry with you. For example, if you were going makeup free but would be applying later in the day away from home. Its lightweight on your skin (unlike some setting sprays that can feel heavy over make up). Making it comfortable and breathable over your make up while making it stay put. While the Matte affect evens out your skin it still gives you a natural glow without looking oily or shiny. Hold the bottle just short of arm’s length away from your face and spray away covering all areas, forehead, cheeks, nose and jaw line.

If you are struggling to last the day without topping up your makeup I seriously recommend investing in a good setting spray and the NYX MATTE Finish is that for me. At just £7 NYX directly or even at boots and Superdrug - its worth checking this out.


For those who don’t like the Matte look NYX also offer a Dewy Finish which could be worth a try considering how good its sister product is.

So spray away, and be all set for your day.




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